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Ready Built Homes NZ

At DW Homes we offer an extensive range of NZ based ready built homes allowing you to move into your dream home in no time. These homes are pre-designed providing a solution for everyone. Our team of professionals have a unique set of skills and knowledge in the design and construction industry making them qualified to turn your vision into a reality.


House and land packages are created when a building company secures land from a developer or property owner and then matches the land with home design perfect for the section in terms of size, orientation and the contours of the land. The building company markets and sells that package, works with the buyer to personalise the home to their tastes, then manages the consent process and construction of the home.


There are many advantages that come with investing in a ready built home, not only is it a cost efficient process it also has a number of environmental benefits. Ready built homes are more environmentally friendly as they follow floor plans with exact requirements for materials. Having these fundamental foundations ensure that there is little waste incurred and provide an opportunity to homeowners to add further design ideas to their original plan if they require.


Durability is a huge advantage to ready built homes. Since the homes have been built, and tried and tested, we know what will stand the test of time. DW Homes provides functional design and understands the importance of optimising space whilst creating beautiful areas to live in.


DW Homes provide options for everyone and provides indepth solutions for all criteria including budgets, locality, design and lifestyle.


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Our Plans

CHOOSING A DW HOMES HOUSE PLAN So, you’re building a new home. For most people, this is a major event in their lives. It’s an exciting time — so many of our aspirations are woven into our home. But the process of choosing a house plan can seem overwhelming sometimes — there are so many options available. Ultimately your home must fit your lifestyle...

ReadyBuild Homes

BRAND NEW READY BUILD HOMES JUST MOVE IN AND ENJOY... COMPLETE & READY NOW OR WITHIN 3-6 MONTHS Ready build homes are a collection of pre-designed homes that come complete with everything you need to move in. 

Show Homes

OUR SHOW HOMES We have show homes throughout the Auckland Area. Come and visit to experience our best and most popular designs. You’ll see amazing colour schemes and the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design; flooring, paint and wallpaper.  And you can be confident your home will be of the same quality because we stick with the same contract...

Why Choose DW Homes

WHY CHOOSE DW HOMES FROM OTHER BUILDING COMPANIES?  There is no shortage of building companies in Auckland. So, why choose DW Homes? Here are just a few compelling reasons why: Over 60 innovative designs — choose from our range of house designs, inspired by local products and trends, to suit your budget and lifestyle. We have over 60 house designs ...