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At DW we understand the struggle of deciding the perfect design solution for your new home that ticks all your boxes. We decided to make the process easier for our clients by categorising our house plans into 5 different solutions.

The first category of DW Homes NZ house plan is prioritising the need for ultimate home ownership access. These are perfect for first home buyers or investors looking to maximize profit margins and incur greater capital gains.

The Urban series are practical designed homes appropriate for all families and are competitively priced. These are recognised as the the ideal kiwi family home.

The third category is the classic house plan. This is the best selling design that allows personalisation and features that differentiate you from others. The layouts are adaptable and spacious creating an environment you feel proud to call home.

The fourth category is two storey home designs that are perfect for larger household that require the factor of separation. These designs include a variety of designer kitchens and award winning colour schemes that bring the whole house together.

The final category is the design and build service which allows you to bring your own ideas to table turning your dream into a reality. You will be involved in every aspects of the process from start to finish. Our experienced team will guide you through this process providing their professional advice along the way resulting in an experience second to none.

There are many determinants that must be considered when designing the layout of your home including household size and lifestyle. Think futuristic, essentially you want your property to be practical through all stages of your life. Things to consider are children, aging parents and how often you will be hosting guests. This will determine how many rooms you require. This may require you to think career orientated as well. Will you be working from home? Will you require an office space to get late night tasks done before the following working day?

Think functionality and practicality. If there are multiple early risers in the household it would be best to install more than one bathroom to save the risk of running late in the morning. This would also include ensuring bedrooms are away from communal areas that are often the most loud a disruptive areas of the house.  

For more information on DW Homes, you can download the full catalogue or view it online by filling out a quick registration form here. http://www.dwhomes.co.nz/contact/registration/


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